CAP expands trail network

01 Oct 2019
01 Oct 2019

Two new intermediate trails opened last weekend and two further intermediate trails are planned to be opened before Christmas. Providing riders with greater variety and choice.

All trails are located in the trees on the Dyers Pass Road side of the Adventure Park. 


Grade: Dark Blue. Intermediate. 
Style: Tech flow
Trail length: 1.8km
Trail Builders:  Volunteer trail crew lead by Aaron Hogg. Aaron is a full-time graphic designer with Kona bikes. He is passionate about trail building and has been building trails on the port hills for over 10 years.

Gung Ho is a 1.8km long hand-built, intermediate grade track beginning just past the pylon on Choir Boy. It is a high-speed, grin-inducing, roller-coaster featuring numerous, rollers, grade reversals & sweet railiable turns. Built with the intention of being somewhat of a stepping stone between easier blue graded tracks in the park & our mellower blacks like Shredzilla it is designed to teach riders through repetition some of the key skills required for progression towards riding the parks blacks. These skills include tackling steeper-than-normal sections, pumping to maintain speed, riding dropping corners, blind crests & navigating tighter technical sections. The track also features several, small side features for riders to work towards hitting.

Naming Rationale

The name Gung Ho was initially suggested to reflect the way the trail rode based on the common English meaning of an overzealous or careless enthusiasm. However digging a little deeper we discovered that Gung Ho was derived from an anglicised pronunciation of “gōng hé”, the 2 Chinese characters being "Work Together”. The term was picked up by US Marine corp Maj. Evans Carlson from his friend Cantabrian Rewi Alley where it was spread throughout the US Marine Corps as a slogan or battlecry. We felt that being a volunteer built track this idea of working together was particularly applicable & gave it a strong second layer of meaning.



Grade: Intermediate. 
Style: Blue Flow 
Trail Builders:  Billy McLean, Nils Heiniger + CAP trail crew

This trail starts off choir boy  just after third base. This trail is made to be a step up from Handle the Jandal. Made for those wanting more of a challenge but not quite ready for Airtearoa. The jumps get a little harder by changing their shapes a little bit with a few hips and step downs getting thrown in the mix. Riders will need to work on holding and maintaining their speed over the rollers if the want to make all the jumps without pedalling. As the trees thin out near the bottom things start to speed up and open out meaning the jump size can start to increase.

A public competition will be launched in the coming weeks where riders will have the ability to submit 'Name' suggestions for the trail.

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