Trail Update

20 Jun 2020
20 Jun 2020

Thanks to everyone who has come back and enjoyed the Park since reopening – thank you for your support, patience and sharing the stoke in what has been our third opening in as many years. The last month has been something truly humbling and special after such challenging and uncertain times during our first pandemic in nearly 100 years. We thought as we head into the depths of winter it would be a great time for us to share with you all some trail news.

Trail Committee

Over the course of the previous 4-6 months we have set up a Trail Committee comprising of Pete Gledhill (Head of CAP Trail Crew), Charlie Lyons (Assistant Operations Manager), Christian Serlath (Board of Directors), Aaron Hogg (Head of Volunteers), Will Keay (Gravity Canterbury), Tim Prebble (Planting & Volly), Nick Sutcliffe (DOC & Volly). The vision of this committee is draw from the wealth of knowledge and skill sets within the group to help drive/prioritize CAPs maintenance plan, new builds projects and volunteer program and to create a master plan / vision for the Park trail network.

What's been happening?

After the COVID 19 lock down (Alert Level 4) our team was able to access site during Alert Level 3 albeit in a reduced capacity. During this time we had a crew of 16 staff help reestablish our existing trail network and park grounds to the point in which they could be presentable, openable and in better condition than before the lock down. Minor hand tool work took place on nearly every track from clearing drains, leaf blowing pine needles, filling in pot holes, fixing breaking bumps and raking the existing line. We know we still have plenty more of maintenance work to be done in the coming months ahead and are excited by the add ons or additions we can add to a trail when undertaking maintenance work.

Post lock down our team has focused on delivering “Bridging the Gap” targeted towards beginners and children. They have also been focused on delivering the Valley walking loop. Initially, the walking trail was flagged to go all the way to the top but after discussions with the public it was agreed the track would remain solely in the trees remaining.  A short – 45 to 60 minute loop track. We hope you all enjoy it!

What we will be working on.

Over the weeks ahead our Volunteer build projects are going to fire back up. Nick Sutcliffe and Tim Prebble have marked a technical single black line which is dropping off Drainpipe and re joining Captain Torpedo shortly before “Rodney Pond”.

Aaron Hogg has marked a single black track branching off Third Base before rejoining into Captain Torpedo. Initial works have begun on both trails with the hope of delivery for October. Both of these single black options will be fantastic stepping stones for technical intermediate riders.

If you are interested in joining the Volunteer Programme please do so by registering your email address to be added to the data base, there are some fantastic rewards available for helping with these projects and we are beyond grateful for all the hard work the teams undertake.

Gravity Canterbury is targeting a new “top section” of the GC in the trees before rejoining the “Motorway”. This track will provide us with another race day option for our summer 2020/21 downhill events. These build projects are strictly out of bounds – zero tolerance will be given to anyone caught within these zones prior to trail completion and public opening.

Our CAP trail crew will be primarily focused on maintenance for the winter season. Over the coming weeks our team will focus on the surfacing of Choir Boy from Pioneer Layby to Third Base allowing a better riding surface for the winter months, all weather evac access and access for vehicle drop off to Zip 4 only product. After this the team will shift their focus to remediation work on the Summit Connector exit at the “Gravel Pit” and a new line feeding traffic back into the Flying Nun. The end product will hopefully enable vehicle access for Council and a much safer exit to the road. We will also look to deliver a new access track from “Heart Break Ridge” to “Pioneer Hub” to cut out the pedal requirements of Choir Boy.

Handle the Jandal

Handle the Jandal (HTJ) requires significant remediation work before it can be reopened. Going into winter is not an ideal time to undertake such work as we know it only takes a couple of significant rain events to disestablish the financial outlay and hard work the team puts in. CAP remains committed to providing a well rounded, diverse trail network and we are confident our existing network without Handle the Jandal can still offer just that. Trail networks change over time, they appreciate, depreciate develop and some times trails remain permanently closed, at this point in time all options are on the table and the trail committee is working through the longer term planning for HTJ – watch this space! 

Happy riding everyone.

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