Adult Skills Clinics

Adult Skills Clinics are here again!

Looking at getting into mountain biking, simply want to improve your skills, or to just get out and ride with other passionate riders? Join a skills night for a fun, social and supportive way to reach your goals! 

Our Women's and Men's Skills Clinics are back for the summer! Taking place every Wednesday night for women and every Thursday night for men, these skills nights are an ideal way to build your mountain biking skills and to meet other riders while doing so. Now starting at 6 pm!

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, our guides will help develop your skills in a way that's right for you. Select the level you think best matches your riding ability. If you've ridden at the park before, use the trail guide below. 

If you're not sure what level you should be riding at, select the level closest to what you've previously ridden, or select beginner if you're new to mountain biking and just let our guides know on the night. 

Don't have a mountain bike or protective gear?  Don't let that stop you giving this awesome sport a go, we have all the gear you need for hire here.

What you need to know

Women's Skills Clinic - every Wednesday night 

Men's Skills Clinic - every Thursday night 

Time: 6 pm 

All levels; 18+ only

Full-face helmet required, elbow/kneepads recommended. 

Free drink in the cafĂ© at the end of the session! 

*Subject to weather conditions and trail openings.

Skill level:

Beginner: Green trails - for beginner riders with gentle slopes & wide trails. Must have ridden a bike before.

Intermediate: Blue trails - for intermediate riders with steeper slopes, potentially narrow trails and man made objects. Must be a competent mountain bike rider.

Advanced: Black trails - for advanced riders with steep descents, numerous obstacles and loose surfaces. Must have advanced mountain bike skills.




Lesson only

(No bike rental included)


Lesson & bike rental




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