Adult Progression Sessions

Progression Sessions

Progression Session

Targeted at beginner to intermediate riders, Progression Sessions are all about focusing on specific techniques to take your riding to that next level.

This a three-week (3x sessions) coaching clinic

Intro to Gravity & Park

An introduction course on Gravity riding at the Park

Intro to Park 3 Week Progression Sessoin
Progression Sessions are a three-week series, that run on Saturday mornings for two hours.

Learn the skills and techniques required to ride the park with confidence. This series will cover Bike setup & riding fundamentals with a focus on body position, bike control, basic cornering technique, introduction to riding basic features, and the theories required to tackle the trails.

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10th June  |  17th June  |  24th June
(3 sessions)

10:00am - 12:00pm


2 hrs

Session 1
Skills area only

Bike setup & contact points

Bike body separation the basics

Body position, Neutral & braking

Basic trail scanning

Based mainly on the flat area by the yellow shed. Drills using cones and obstacles to create a strong balanced neutral position for further sessions.

Session 2
Skills & Green

Recap neutral position

Introduction to cornering, ‘look lean turn’ on flat and then skills area

Body position for better corner balance, get those elbows out.

Intro to line choice, entering a corner wide

Really focused lesson on body position into and through corners by using a wide line and good bike body separation, ‘setup for success’.

Session 3
Green & Blue

Recap neutral position and cornering position on the green

Recap line choice into corners

Introduction to riding basic features (wooden rollover, skinny)

Introduction to rolling the small drop in the skills area

Tighter corners blue skills area

A final lap down the green using the offshoots and Snakeobs

Focus high again on body position and cornering position. Bring in and try to amplify bike body separation especially when it comes to features (allowing the bike to move in the space we create). Building confidence to take the next step to summit connector and beyond.


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