Adult Progression Sessions


Progressoin Sessions

Targeted at intermediate and advanced riders, Progression Sessions are all about focusing on specific techniques to take your riding to that next level. 

If you're still a beginner and looking to further your skills, we'd suggest booking an Intro to Ride.
Or, attending the beginner group at our weekly Adult Skills Clinics.

What you need to know

Progression Sessions will be taking place on various Saturdays from October through till December. 

There will be two different session times, each focusing on a different skill.


Morning: 10am - 12pm
1pm - 3pm


2 hrs


Session Only

Session, Bike Rental & Lift Pass

Skills Breakdown

Body Positioning
Balance and positioning is a fundamental skill for mountain biking. This session will look at bike and body seperation whilst adapting to different terrian, to give you confidence to descend safely.

Speed Control
Speed control is something that is often overlooked but is an essential skill. Come along and learn about where, how and why we use our brakes on diffferent terrain to maximise our riding.

Something that is on every trail, corners! Learn to ride smoother and faster around all the various types of corners found whilst riding.

Trail Scanning/Line Choice
Trail scanning and line choice will better your trail awareness and help you achieve flow and effeciency through upcoming terrian.

Jumps! Get the technique right from the start and gain the confident to send small table tops to big gaps.

Sick of riding around that drop every run? This session will look at the techniques required to ride off a variety of drops and land safely.


Saturday 3rd December
Morning: Body Positioning
Afternoon: Speed Control

Saturday 10th December
Morning: Cornering
Afternoon: Trail Scanning/Line Choice

Saturday 17th December
Morning: Jumps
Afternoon: Drops

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