Women's Winter Workshops


In this workshop, we will cover basic maintenance, conduct minor repairs and maintenance on the wheels and brakes. We will also cover how to check the suspension before every ride with the use of a shock pump.

What you need to know

We will also describe how each of these parts work in detail and how to use them to get the best performance out of your machine.

We won't go too in-depth with forks and rear shocks as it can be a whole matrix in itself
(keep an eye out for our suspension specific workshops later In the series).

We will also cover how to check if your tyres are under or overpressure as well as torque settings and why!


Bookings are essential.


Workshop Dates

Workshops will be held on Friday evenings from 5:30pm - 7:00pm




Workshop #1

Getting to know your bike. Parts and Terminology


Workshop #2

Drivetrain and Wheel Maintenance


Workshop #3


Event postponed due to LEVEL 4 Lockdown

New date yet to be announced

Workshop #4

Bike prep for Spring and Summer 

 24th September


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