The Phoenix Enduro

What is the Phoenix Enduro?

  • The Phoenix Enduro is a 1-day Enduro mountain bike event held at the Christchurch Adventure Park, on the 16th February.
  • The Phoenix Enduro is the final stop in the Asia Pacific Continental Enduro Series so all competitors will receive points that will count towards the overall series placings.
  • Enduro mountain bike racing is designed to be the definitive test for mountain bikers. The focus of each event is to create a great atmosphere, community, competition and adventure for the competitor, including the best riding the region has to offer.


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Basic info 

  • Entry cost is $175 NZD.
  • 6 timed race stages.
  • Once spots are filled entries will be closed. We are unable to reserve or hold spots.
  • Entries close Sunday 3rd February, 9:00pm NZ time.


 Download the Official Race Book

 View the start times for Saturday here

All riders need to arrive at least 20 minutes before your start time to collect your timing chip. If any details are incorrect, please email  

Course Details:

Liaison 1 Up the green trail to the top station
Stage 1 Throw The Goat – Swinger Party – Double Overhead Cam
Liaison 2 Up Loess Rider, across Dyers Pass Rd, up Victoria Park 4wd roads, along Summit Road to fence stile
Stage 2 Bowenvale Traverse – Pedal Fine – Raceline – New Bridges
Liaison 3 Up Bowenvale Bonus, Pylon track, Huntsbury Track then Bowenvale Traverse
Stage 3  Lava Flow
Liaison 4 Up Victoria Park 4wd roads, back across Dyers Pass Rd at the same point
Stage 4 Captain Cook – Shredzilla
Liaison 5 Chairlift then Summit Connection to Skid 5
Stage 5  The GC

Liaison 6

Chairlift then out to Worsleys Rd, up Body Bag and to the start of Flying Nun & Gnarly Nun

Stage 6

Gnarly Nun – Flying Nun – Choir Boy – 3rd Base


Spectators Race Guide:

Download the spectators guide here 

Event Schedule:

  • Monday 11th February

    1800 Course release

  • Tuesday 12th / Wednesday 14th February

    Stages shut for taping, signage and final prep

  • Thursday 14th February

    Stage 2, 3, & 4 Training (See training information below)

  • Friday 15th February

    Stage 1, 5, & 6 Training (See training information below)


    1900 Racer briefing at Christchurch Adventure Park Café

  • Saturday 16th February

    Race day


Training Schedule:

  • Thursday 13th February

    Stage 2 – 1000-1200

    Stage 3 – 1230-1430

    Stage 4 – 1500-1700


    Friday 15th February

    Stage 1 – 1000-1200

    Stage 5 – 1230-1430

    Stage 6 – 1500-1700


    During the stage training times, competitors are able to complete as many practice laps as they can during the 2 hour period.

    Race stages are closed during official practice to all public.

    All riders on course during practice MUST have plates on their bikes. Any rider on a stage without a plate or outside the official schedule will be disqualified.

Categories are:

  • Under 21 Women
  • Under 21 Men
  • Women (21–34 Years)
  • Men (21–39 Years)
  • Masters Women (35+)
  • Masters Men (40+)


  • Junior Women (Under 17)
  • Junior Men (Under 17)

Juniors will not be eligible for series points or prize money.


All categories are based on the riders age, as of December 31st 2019.


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Withdrawal Policy

  • If you need to withdraw you are able to receive a 50% refund up to the 31st of December 2018. After this, no refunds will be given.


Transfer Of Entry

  • You are able to transfer your entry to another participant up until the 31st January 2019. To complete this please email
  • If you would like to change to a different category, again please email You are able to change category until the 31st January 2019.


Event Cancellation

  • The course may be altered if we were to experience any extreme weather.
  • In the unlikely possibility of having to cancel the event, no refunds will be provided.