The Phoenix Enduro

Racing Format 

  • Please familiarise yourself with the EWS Rule Book as we follow this where is appropriate.
  • Riders will have a non-competitive liaison stage between each timed Special Stage. Results will be the accumulative time gathered to complete all Special Stages. The fastest time in each category will be crowned the winner.
  • Riders must stick to the designated Liaison course between each Special Stage. Note: Some liaison may be on public or private roads so please adhere to local road rules. Keep left!
  • Each rider will have an allocated start time in the morning in which you must be present for.



  • Full-face helmets are mandatory on all Special Stages. A helmet must be worn at all times including while riding your liaison.
  • Knee pads are also mandatory and must be worn for all Special Stages.
  • We strongly recommend the following:
    • Long sleeve shirt
    • Full finger gloves
    • Body protection
    • Elbow pads



  • Prior to starting the event, riders must tag the CLEAR timing control point and then the START timing control point.
  • Each rider will be issued with a timing device that will activate the timing control points at the start and finish of each Special Stage. Timing facilities are located at the start and finish of each Stage. 
  • We will do our best to place the timing points in suitable locations appropriate to the start and finish of each Special Stage. It is the responsibility of the rider to pass within 1.5 meters of the timing point at the start and finish of each Special Stage.



  • The event course will be released on Monday the 26th October 2020.
  • Race stages will be closed for taping from Monday 26th until Thursday 29th for practice.
  • Stages will be taped to define the race course. Taping will leave suitable options for line choice where possible but will control riders to ensure no “cutting” of race stages occur.
  • Any competitor caught riding the closed Special Stages outside of practice will automatically be disqualified.
  • Any competitor caught crossing / “cutting” the race tape or taking any route deemed to be off the Special Stage will receive a time penalty or disqualification.



  • We take pride in our environment in New Zealand and at the Adventure Park. Please do your part to look after it!
  • No disposable goggle tear offs can be used.
  • The disposal of food packaging on the trail is strictly prohibited.
  • Riders must not store food and drinks or clothing and equipment on the trail (Food/Gear Stashes). Packaging left behind, and uncontrolled food supplies may have a serious impact on local wildlife and the local environment. Any rider found to be hiding or retrieving supplies from unofficial feed / tech stations will be penalised.
  • Riders must not store or drop clothing or equipment on the trail (Kit Stashes) during Official Training or Racing. All riders must remain self-sufficient and carry off the course what they carry onto it.
  • The Event Organisers reserve the right to penalise any rider whose actions are deemed to seriously damage the local environment.


Calculating Results 

  • Results are based on the total cumulative time across the stages.  The fastest time in each category will be crowned the winner.
  • In some cases (e.g. you have stopped to assist an injured rider) a derived time may be allocated to you for a stage. Penalties can also be allocated if riders do not adhere to the race guidelines or information given during the rider briefing, on event day.
  • Series points are allocated to all competitors who have completed the event. If you have moved categories during the Series, you will receive points in the category you competed in on the day.
  • Juniors (U17) will NOT receive any series points.





Men U21 / Masters

Women U21 / Masters