Find the Bikes Competition

31 Aug 2018
31 Aug 2018


On September 1 a bike will be placed in a location across the city,

Over the month following, 5 more bikes will be placed at different spots, each time a clue on its whereabouts will be provided on the CAP website & Facebook page.

The competition is to find all 6 bikes, take a selfie (or have your photo taken next to the bike) which each of them and upload to Instagram with #FindTheCAPBikes and tag us in with @ChristchurchPrk

There will be prizes each week for our favourite photo taken that week and then on September 20 all entrants who have uploaded the correct 6 photos will be entered into a draw which will be drawn at the Handle Bar & Cafe at 5 pm with the grand prize being a $1200 CAP Voucher (valid for any product or experience at CAP).

Find the bikes tile



Bike 1:

Time to get your "imagination" flowing for this one...

You'll find Bike Number 1 where people can stay dry and the trams go by.


Bike 2:

Bike 2 can be found between the river and the rails; where fashionistas go and craft beer flows.



i spy with my little i....Bike Number 3.

Hiding in plain site, between a sweet coffee brew and a funky frozen crew.


Bike 4:

Time to Shake it up for clue number 4.

If you look for a Book you'll be close to our bike, a Simply New Zealand take on the Centre of town.



Now it's time for Bike Number 5, it's not central city but just a short drive.

In a place full of smiles and tears, where the Air is fresh and the Wine is Fortified, find the mechanics rack and you're there.



We're up to our old tricks with Bike Number Six.

Bike 6 has black paint and it's parked near a Saint. It's the last of the lot so give it a try, if you can locate them all you'll be on a High. If you're looking tonight there are great options for dinner, then send us your selfie and you could be the winner!


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