New Trails for Show Weekend

14 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2019

To celebrate Canterbury Anniversary weekend two more new intermediate trails will be opened.  'Captain Torpedo' & 'Drainpipe' are opening this weekend!

These intermediate trails are fast, fun and technical.  Here's a taster to get your adrenalin pumping!

Captain Torpedo

This trail ducks off the flying nun just before the end and makes a beeline for the trees. What lays ahead is a twisting snake of a trail that makes its way down a rocky ridge covered in trees. It’s not all plain sailing though so keep your whits about you as the trail is littered with rocks to head over or around. Thrown in the mix are a heap of off camber sections to get you rock and rolling. Lower down the seas calm the tide comes in and the rocks thin out but the trail still keeps you swaying with lots of direction changes. You’ll find yourself riding along beside the Cashmere stream (the cause of all the nautical themes) and continues down dream catcher to get back to the chairlift so you can go back to the top and set sail again.

Naming Rationale:

While under construction trail crew were unfortunate enough to unearth an unexploded ordenance. The bomb disposal squad were called and informed us that it was an 18lb round still intact but luckily was relatively safe as it had no fuse. No-one knows the origins of the round but it’s fate was sealed to be destroyed. The name arose during a particularly nautical themed banter session one lunch-time brought about by the fact the trail follows the stream for some time.

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