2018/19 Season Prices

17 Aug 2018
17 Aug 2018


PRICING UPDATES 17 August 2018:

Last week you heard from us about our new pricing structure that comes into effect from 29 September. There was a lot in that announcement - a new annual membership option that lets you pay per month, half-price passes for youth, and great new discounts for students and seniors for a start.  But there was one part of that announcement that people did not love, and that was the increase in price for the 10 uplift pass.

We have heard the feedback and we can see that we did miss a chunk of the market and there is the need for a more affordable option for casual riders.  After reading the feedback, discussing options with a number of customers and stakeholders, and crunching the numbers, we are pleased to announce two new products to help meet that casual market need:

  • 5 Uplift Pass - The new 5 Uplift Pass that will cost $75 for Adults and $37.50 for Youth (17 and Under) and be valid for three months. This will replace the 10 Uplift Pass and 3 Uplift Pass, and offers a discounted uplift option for riders who like to get up to the Park a few times a month but not often enough to justify a season or annual pass
  • Chaperone Pass - This new pass will allow any adult accompanying youth under the age of 13 to pay just half the usual price for a Day Pass (ie. $37.50 for a Chaperone Day Pass to accompany a youth under 13, who will also pay the new youth rate of $37.50 for the day).

We acknowledge that the new 5 Uplift Pass is still an increase on the per-uplift cost of the current 10 Uplift Pass, however, we have brought that price point down from the prices we announced last week. Unfortunately, the 10 Uplift Pass at its current rate was not going to be viable for us long-term, particularly as the Park continues to grow in both offerings and quality.

We have had some really positive feedback from families about the price reductions for youths in particular, but we have also received the message that parents would like a product specifically for them when they are helping their younger children down the trails.  That is why we have introduced the new ‘Chaperone Pass’.  Making the Park more affordable and accessible for a greater range of people was a key driver behind our pricing changes, and this new pass just adds to that.

We are super excited about heading into our first Spring here at CAP, and about what is in store for the Park over the next 6 months. 

We have some amazing events coming to the Park over Summer, and they will require this to be a world-class facility.  Our trail crew is currently working hard on our existing trails so that those trails you already know and love will be back to their best for Spring.  We will then be working on increasing the trail offering at the Park, so keep an eye out for the dual slalom course we are about to launch and some mean new trails that will be ready for Summer. 

On September 29 our operating hours will switch to Summer hours (9 am to 9 pm and chairlift operating from 10 am to 8 pm) the same weekend that the new prices take effect so you will have even more time to hit the trails and enjoy the Park.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and for the valuable feedback.  We hope to see you at the Park soon, and if you want to come and have a chat about what passes or packages will work best for you please feel free to drop into Guest Services and talk it through with our staff.


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