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Photos were taken by @__Blissfiled__


U15 Female Dom
Female Under 15 

Josie Wayman Time: 3:29.75
2nd Rosin McGuinness Time: 3:35.40
3rd Xanthe Daunders Time: 3:55.06

U15 Male Dom
Male Under 15 
1st Kyle Stewart Time: 3:16.19
2nd Flynn Robertson Time: 3:19.21
3rd Joel Salter-Quinn Time: 3:27.61

U19 Female Dom
Female Under 19
1st Juliet Freeman Time: 3:35.04

U19 Male Dom
Male Under 19
1st Oli Clark Time: 3:03.91
2nd Matthew Fairbrother Time: 3:05.35
3rd Olli Jenkins Time: 3:07.29

Open Female Dom
Female Open 19-29
1st Julie Greenslade Time: 3:31.65
2nd Grace Bruere Time: 3:45.75
3rd Bronnie Fechney Time: 4:11.44

Open Male Dom
Male Open 19-29
1st Ben Friel Time: 3:04.00
2nd Max Hides Time: 3:09.56
3rd Harry Buttle Time: 3:16.55

Masters Male Dom
Male Masters 30-39
1st Sam Greenslade Time: 3:05.45
2nd Nick McConachie Time: 3:07.95
3rd Brad Grogan Time: 3:13.86

Vet Female Dom
Female Veterans 40+
1st Ana Haase Time: 4:07.19
2nd Kim Johnston Time: 4:19.34
3rd Claire Barry Time: 4:22.85

Vet Male Dom
Male Veterans 40+
1st Jeremy Burke Time: 3:13.75
2nd Matt West Time: 3:17.46
3rd Michael Simek Time: 3:19.69

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