CAP install Electric Car Chargers

17 Oct 2019
17 Oct 2019

New EV charging stations at your service! Adventure seekers can now put pep into their EVs at the Christchurch Adventure Park public charging station.

With support from EECA Energywise’s Low Emissions Vehicle Contestable Fund, we have worked closely with Meridian Energy to install the new charging stations. Check them out at


What does it cost to charge my vehicle at the Adventure Park?

It is free to customers to charge their vehicles at CAP

What do I do if I have a problem connecting or disconnecting from the charging station? 

Please talk to one of our Guest Services Staff who will be able to help you. If you are unable to find an available staff member there is a call centre that is up and running to support these charges. Our number 0800 496 777 is found on each charging station and is available to raise any queries or faults for these charger as a first contact point.

How do i disconnect the Charging Cable
The charging cable will lock (magnetically) on the charging station side during charging.  This occurs to protect the driver and eliminate the possibility of tampering, no one wants to worry about their charging cable while they are at the park.  What this means is that drivers will need to unlock their car and disconnect the charging cable first on the vehicle side and then on the charging station side.  

How do I find the closest charging station?
Plug Share Our charging stations are available to public to see via the application.
Googlemaps is a great place for driver to locate charging stations nearby.  


Charge On.

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