Trail Previews

Check out the trails!

With around 50 possible trail combinations in the Park, you may be wondering what trail to ride next!

The Guides have ordered the trails from green through to black to assist your progress through the Park as you gain more skills and confidence.

If you're new to the Park or a developing rider looking for the next trail to ride, check out our 'Trail Previews'.

Here you will be able to watch videos of all the trails from top to bottom.

This is a great way to scope out a trail before you ride it.

Keep an eye out for features and obstacles so you can gather an idea of what to expect before tackling a new trail head-on.

You can also book riding lessons with one of our instructors through Guest Services.

Click on a Trail icon to find out more about that trail, who would be suitable to ride the trail and a quick video preview!


Bridging the GAP v3Duncans DonutsActive RestNon CompliantSnakeobsLord Of The PossumsYeah Yeah GnarSummit ConnectionFlying NunChoir BoyLoess RiderLocomotion Christchurch Adventure ParkBako RunCaptain TorpedoRere Pia Christchurch Adventure ParkGung HoDrainpipeHandle The Jandal21 Askins20 Skills AreaDouble Overhead Cam25 Choccy MilkCaptain CookShredzillaChristchurch Adventure Park Pork And Puha Trail Preview v2Legalized Christchurch Adventure ParkSMC Trail Preview Christchurch Adventure ParkSwinger PartyChristchurch Adventure Park Trail Preview Double Visionjpg3rd Base v2Kama SutraThrow The GoatYodaBlack PearlAddictionWasabi Christchurch Adventure Park40 GCjpgO Zone Christchurch Adventure ParkAirtearoa


Lessons & Coaching

We have a range of options available for lessons and coaching here at the Park. 

Whether your a beginner rider new to the Park or an intermediate/advanced rider looking to progress your current skill set, our guides and 'Skills Clinics' will help you achieve your goals and learn something new.

Book in today for an upcoming Adults Skills Nights or Private Lesson.

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Volunteer Programme

Volunteers have been paramount in the development of the Park's trail networks since the very beginning.
Some of the most ridden trails today were built by the CAP Volunteer Programme.

Keen to be part of shaping the future?
Register your details with us today!

volunteer programme

Beginner v2
For beginner riders with gentle slopes & wide trails. Must have ridden a bike before.

Intermediate v2

For intermediate riders with steeper slopes, potentially narrow trails and man-made objects. Must be a competent mountain bike rider.

Advanced v2
For advanced riders with steep descents, numerous obstacles and loose surfaces. Must have advanced mountain bike skills.

Expert v2
Highly difficult riding with large obstacles and difficult terrain.

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