Night Rides

Night Rides

Night Riding Christchurch Adventure Park


Experience Christchurch Adventure Park in the dark.

Wednesday Nights during winter
(weather dependant)

5:00pm - 7:00pm

The Park will stay open until 8:00 pm to give you the chance to ride the trails in the dark.

Night riding will take place between 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm and will involve a select number of green, blue, and black trails. If you already have uplifts for the Chair, there’s no additional cost to ride at night, otherwise, drop into Guest Services to buy a pass.

What You Need to Know

What makes a night ride weather-dependent?

We need more favourable weather conditions at night to operate than during the day. Our ground/trail condition, dirt quality, air temps, wind speeds and precipitation will need to align for night rides to get a green light. We do anticipate cancellation of up to 30%-40% of our night rides.

When will a decision be made if a night ride is taking place?

We will advise if a Night Ride is happening on the prior Tuesday via the website's Park Status page and an INSTAGRAM Story.

What sort of lights do I need for night rides?

There will be a minimum lighting requirement of 300 lumens.
The more the merrier we say! We would also recommend backup batteries, or a head torch in your bum bag, backpack or pocket. Lighting will be assessed by a staff member at the drive station before loading. Bike lighting is best placed on your helmet and secondary additional lighting is beneficial on your handlebars. Be mindful when you are at hubs, the drive station, return station, village, status boards etc….. there is nothing worse than your mate blinding you with strong lighting. During Night Rides on Wednesday, you won't be able to load the chair after 5 pm without lighting.

What time will I need to have my night lights on?

April 6th - April 30th
5:30pm Onwards

May 1st -  August 15th
5:00pm  onwards

August 16th - September 1st
5:30pm onwards

September 2nd - September 15th
5:45pm onwards

September 16th - September 29th
6:00pm onwards

What trails will be open?

We know from previous experience with night riding that tracks often run a grade higher or tougher at night. We also know that depth perception on high trail speed/jump tracks can be exceptionally challenging in the dark. For our first few rides, we will have some closures in place whilst we as a business gain some confidence in what we are undertaking. Some double-black terrain and jump tracks will remain closed through this process. Ultimately, we want to have as many trails open and offered to guests all time but we must safely do this.

Will the walking trails/climbing trail be open?

Yes, however, if you are intending to load the chair for a ride back down we advise allowing 2 hours to reach the top. We would also recommend the same 600-lumen lighting minimum. Experienced walkers/uphill bikers only.

What clothing should I wear?

Shortly after sunset temperatures drop quicker than any other time during the day. We strongly advise 3 layers – a base layer, outer layer and a windbreaker. Think, if the chairlift were to stop at the upper section of the hill for 20 minutes or if I were to crash and get hurt, would I be cold?

Will the chairlift be open for sightseers?

Yes, the chairlift will be open for sightseers who want to check out the views of Christchurch at night. If you are intending on coming in to ride the chairlift at night we ask that you also bring a torch with a minimum of 600 lumens.

Will the Café be open for food/beer after a night ride?

Are you kidding me, absolutely the Café will be open for a minimum of 1 hour after the last chair is called. Night riding is a social form of biking and enjoying a beer/feed with your crew after a ride is a fantastic way to round out an evening.

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