CAP plants natives for Tui Corridor

25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020
We are delighted to partner with Meridian, the Christchurch Foundation and Sustainable Coastlines to welcome the iconic Tūī back to the Garden City by planting a corridor of Tui tucker (their favourite native plants) at the Park.
Meridian are on a mission to bring the Tui back to the Garden City by planting the Meridian Tui Corridor all across Christchurch and they are starting right here at the Christchurch Adventure Park with the planting of 3000 natives in the Park today. 

The Tūī Corridor aims to set up a chain of food sources and habitat to provide a pathway for the native bird to move back into the central city.

Tūī are thriving on Banks Peninsula, but are a rare visitor in Christchurch although there have been sightings in Victoria Park, Huntsbury and other suburbs on the Port Hills. Having tūī as regular visitors to the city once again is something all of us can look forward to. 

Tūī will travel huge distances outside of their breeding season. For the birds to really thrive they need forested areas and by trying to recreate habitats for birds we hope to see more in the city.

CAP General Manager, Anne Newman is delighted to be working with Meridian and Christchurch Foundation on such a project. "CAP is the perfect location to start this project. CAP is all about getting out in nature and our whole ethos is one of sustainability, the community and the environment. The Tui corridor is something we are all excited about and can't wait to see this develop over the coming years"  

Korimako/bellbird,  kererū/wood pigeon, piwakawaka /fantails are already resident at CAP and are also likely beneficiaries of these plantings.


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