Code of Conduct

05 Jul 2024
05 Jul 2024

CAP Bike School 3956

With another round of school holidays upon us, and some great winter riding opportunities ahead we’d like to update our junior riders and their parents about our efforts to improve the CAP experience for all of our guests.

Recently we have noticed:

  • A disapointing decline in behaviour around the cafe, village, lift and trails, particularly with some groups of young riders.  Often this has been aimed at, or is impacting, other guests.
  • Several close calls where riders nearly collide with small children and older guests while riding in the village.
  • Increased reports of dangerous riding on Dyers Pass Rd.

As a result:

  1. We are taking a stronger stance on ‘walking your bikes’ and our expectations of reasonable guest behaviour at CAP.
  2. We draw you attention to CAP’s Code of Conduct – this will be rigously enforced in the event of poor conduct or mis-behaviour by any guest or visitor to CAP, and could result in the loss of riding privileges.
  3. We are working with the NZ Police around road safety concerns.  This isn’t our responsibility, but the roads are not the place to do wheelies, or play chicken with other users.  We are concerned that a CAP rider could be very seriously hurt, or cause someone else to be, on the roads around CAP.  
  4. We remind you that in NZ it is against the law to leave your under 14 year old child without making reasonable provision for their care or supervision.  CAP are not responsible for providing this supervision, unless your child is enrolled in a coaching or holiday programme with us.  You should ensure that your under 14 year old rider is adequately supervised, and at a minimum doesn’t ride alone, carries a mobile phone, knows what to do in an emergency, and checks in with someone after every lap.

We ask that parents talk this through with your ‘young rider’, and encourage you to talk with our team if you have any further concerns or questions. 

We would appreciate everyone’s help in making CAP a safer and more supportive space for all.

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