E Bikes

09 Jun 2020
09 Jun 2020

We are excited to announce that Ebikes are now able to be carried on the chairlift.

E Bikes have been allowed in the park since we opened in 2016 however we were unable to carry them on the chairlift due to ropeways guidelines. The evolution of the batteries has meant that we are now able to carry them on our chairlift.

Ebikes need to meet the following criteria:

  • Bikes must weigh less than 25kg
  • Manufactured by a reputable bike brand... Giant, Specialized etc 
  • Motors should be 300w or under (NB: Electric bikes with power above the 300w level are classified as mopeds and are subject to registration)
  • Only 2 Ebikes per carrier can be loaded at a time

As a rule we do not allow retro-fitted bikes. If you have a retro-fitted bike and would like to use the chairlift then please talk to our Guest Services team. These will need to be seen and signed off by our Operations Manager in advance.

Ebikes are able to be used all trails.  As with all riding we ask riders to ride responsibly and within their limits

Happy riding everyone!

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