Forestry Works at the Park

14 Mar 2024
14 Mar 2024


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Kia Ora All,

We want to inform you that significant forestry work is underway in a portion of our property. Here's what you need to know:

  • Location: 16.5ha of mature pine trees on the eastern side of the property around the Skills Centre, encompassing the 35 Trail Network up to Dyers Pass Road, stopping at the drainage by Loess Rider.

  • Initiator: McVicar Holdings, is leading this forestry project. Please note this is not a CAP project. 

  • Current Status: Work has commenced today at the Skid Site (Skills Centre) with 3-4 large machines operating. Tomorrow, on 14/3, trees will be felled at the entrance point to the 35 Trail Network, blocking public access.

  • Access Restrictions: From today onwards there's strictly no access to the Skills Centre or 35 trail network.

Here are some common questions and answers to provide further insight:

  • Reason for Harvesting: The trees, planted in 1981, have reached full maturity. Recent wind events caused trees to fall on the Orion KVA lines, prompting their removal.

  • Impact on Trails: The felling line will follow the gully to mitigate further windfall along Loess Rider/Shredzilla/Kama Sutra space. The Skills Centre is closed, and we've restructured the exit of Loess Rider accordingly. A rebuild of the Skills Centre is planned in the coming weeks.

  • Truck Access: Trucks will access the area near the CAP carpark and through McVicar Drive. Truck operations will not occur on weekends, and morning rotations aim to be completed by 11 am. Please drive carefully. 

  • Duration: Approximately 3 months, subject to weather and other constraints.

  • Start Timing: March was chosen due to planning time, obtaining consents, cooler temperatures, reduced fire risk, and fewer park visitors post-summer holidays.

  • Replanting: Yes, the area will be replanted.

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