Native Planting in the Community

20 Jun 2021
20 Jun 2021

 It's good to get out of the office, get some fresh air and support our local community. On Saturday 19th July CAP supported Meridian, the Christchurch Foundation and Sustainable Coastlines in planting over 4,000 natives at Living Springs.

The planting is part of the Tui Corridor iniative that see's Tui's favourite tucker being planted in an attempt to entice these native birds back to the Port Hills.

Though the beautiful song of the native tūī is common through much of New Zealand, there has not been an established population in the Garden City for decades.

Having Tūī as regular visitors to the port hills and the city once again is something all of us can look forward to. The more we plant Tūī tucker in our backyard, the more successful the project will be. The project involves major hanitat restoration and the establishment of tui friendly vegetation between the Port Hills and the central city.

CAP first supported this initiative back in September 2020, with 5,000 native seedlings planted at the Adventure Park. We are keen to continue our support of this fantastic initiative and encourage staff to support all future plantings over the coming years. Living Springs was the first of these. 

The Tūī Corridor project is a partnership between Meridian Energy and The Christchurch Foundation, and the first project to be rolled out under the ‘Stronger, Greener Christchurch’ programme. The programme aims to make greater Christchurch a better place to live through renewable energy and sustainability initiatives.

This is another step towards building a city at the forefront of New Zealand’s transition toward a greener, more liveable and sustainable future. A future that CAP is keen to be leaders in and fully support.

Charlie planting   Living springs planting



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