New CAP assesses damage from Port Hills fires

18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024

Christchurch Adventure Park (CAP) staff were allowed onsite on Friday to start assessing the extent of the fire damage in the Park. CAP Chairman, Maurice Noone, says he is pleased to report that, on inspection, the damage is less than was first feared.  

“The outcome is considerably different to the fires of 2017 and will likely see the Park fully re-open with all current attractions within the next few months.

“While it is very early days and a full inspection is still required, the initial impression is that the damage is largely confined to new growth following the 2017 fires and to one area within the Park.  Pleasingly, the village and its immediate surrounds, the chairlift and the ziplines all appear to have escaped significant damage.

“However, full inspections will be required to confirm this and to identify if there is any damage that is not currently visible.  We are currently working through a process to be able to commence this work once we are granted access back to the Park. We are also very conscious of the fact that this is still a live fire that carries significant risk, and it could still be some time before fire crews are satisfied that the Adventure Park is safe to re-enter.

“We would like to thank the Fire Service and all emergency responders for the excellent job they have done in fighting this fire and protecting the homes and infrastructure that it was threatening. We would also like to thank and acknowledge the numerous messages of support that have been received from the local community and from around the world at this time.  This has been hugely appreciated by the staff and all involved.”

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