Shredding our tees

14 Jul 2022
14 Jul 2022

What to do with our CAP uniforms when our Crew had worn the life out of them? We knew we had to do better, and throwing them in the bin with no thought to the consequences wasn’t going to fly, so we hunted around and found sustainable circular solutions.

CAP has had sustainable practices in mind since our inception, and we’re continually working to improve the way we do things.

Our uniforms were one area we knew we had to improve upon. We’re stoked we have our 'Sustainable Riding Tops' both for our guides and retail that have been created by Giro using recycled materials, but what do we do with all our uniforms once they are too worn, ripped or stained?  Dumping them in landfill is not an option for us, we needed an end of life solution. It took a bit of digging around but we found not one but two providers who offer circularity solutions so that we can be assured the uniforms don’t end up off-shore or in landfill.

Many of our tees are 100% cotton, and we know that cotton is a valuable resource. Little Yellow Bird take our tees and shreds them, pulps them, and then feeds them back into textiles to make new cotton clothing again.  They can take cotton tees, jeans, towels or bed sheets and even socks! It just has to be 100% cotton.

For our uniforms that are poly-cotton we’re sending these on to the good folk at Upparel. They also shred the uniforms and turn this into fluffy fibre called FillUp that goes on to be used in products such as home insulation, couch cushions, pillows, or it may even end up stuffing a seat in a boeing jet!

We’re continuing to look for sustainable solutions and we’re considering end of life solutions when we purchase products. Being a conscious consumer is part of our story.

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