Sustainable Riding Tops

09 Jan 2020
09 Jan 2020

Christchurch Adventure Park Giro Riding Tops

At CAP we are passionate about the environment, after all it is the environment that makes CAP so special!

Which is why we were so excited last year to work with Giro and create our own custom made Bike Guide Uniform with material that is made from reclaimed fishing nets.

Lost or abandoned fishing nets, called 'ghost nets", are the single greatest polluter and killer of marine life in our oceans. they linger in the ocean for many years, depleting fish, birds and other species, as well as smothering corals, damaging boats and polluting beaches. 

In addition to the toll that commercial fishing is taking on the oceans, plastics are choking our seas and filling landfills at an increasing rate, unnecessarily increasing our burden on nature and natural resources.

How do ghost nets and plastics relate to our riding tops?

The global apparel industry is estimated to be the source of 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and a significant draw on natural resources including oil and petroleum-based materials. And unfortunately, the majority of apparel is landfilled within 12 months of purchase.

The good news is that our riding tops can help reduce the impact of apparel on our planet by reclaiming debris from our oceans, diverting trash from landfills and reducing the demand for oil and other virgin source materials.

CAPs Bike Guide tops are from the Giro Renew Series cycling apparel and is made with recycled nylon, polyester and elastane  made from reclaimed fishing nets and other ocean debris. The Renew Series fabrics offer the same comfort, performance and durability as other fabrics and can reduce the global warming impact of source material by up to 80% compared with other material made from oil.

Keep an eye out in our retail shop as we introduce more riding shirts for customers made from the same ghost net fabric.

Ride Recycled!



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