Trail Updates

12 Dec 2023
12 Dec 2023

See below for current trail updates:

Rere Pia
Updated 12/12/23

Rere pia translates to Beer Run in Te Reo Māori and is accessed off choir boy road, just before Locomotion. Building this trail was a mammoth job with some huge mahi put in by both our epic volunteer and fulltime trail crews.  

Rere Pia is a new intermediate run in the park and can be best described by the 3F's: Fast, Flowing and Fun.  

This trail is the perfect step up for somebody who has clocked Loess rider and is looking for their next challenge before hitting the slightly more technical blues such as Gung Ho or Askins.  

The open section at the top has some technical features to keep you on your toes with some fun switchbacks. Once you enter the open pine forest, let the brakes go and let the speed flow as Rere Pia takes you down to the cafe where a frosty Cassels Milk Stout is calling your name. 

Up & Out and Choccy Milk
Updated 12/12/23

After some huge mahi from our awesome volunteer and fulltime trail crews, we're stoked to announce these trails are now open to the public. These are both black technical trails accessed from the top section of choir boy. 

If you have a need for speed, drop in for a lap of Up and Out and enjoy a speedy traverse along some tight singletrack, with plenty of natural features to indulge your senses on the way down. Please note that this trail can get a bit dusty in the hot summer sun so please ensure you stay in control at all times- careful though, you might work up a thirst.  

From up and out you can either link back up to choir boy or quench the thirst you've developed by heading for a lap of choccy milk.  

Choccy milk is accessed off the lower section of up and out. Just like the stuff from the supermarket - we're anticipating that this choccy milk will also be a crowd pleaser.  

Do you like riding fast? Do you like gap jumps? Do you like technical cornering? If you answered yes to any of these questions we reckon you'll love choccy milk. If you didn't answer yes to these, we don't think you should knock it till you try it. This trail has some fast open sections to build up speed, and plenty of gaps to utilise the speed on. There's also some exposed cornering sections hugging the bluffs to keep the adrenaline levels pumping.  

As with Up and Out, this trail can get dusty so please make sure you're riding to your limits, especially in some of the more exposed sections. Choccy milk links up to Pork & Pūhā to give you an epic extended run which spits you out right at the bottom of the chairlift.   

Captain Torpedo, Drainpipe, SMC and Wasabi
Updated 16/11/23
These trails saw major wind damage during the 2 severe wind events back in October.
Each one of these trails will need to be rebuilt after the wind uplifted entire root plates of several trees on each of these trails. When trail crew finish their current projects of resurfacing the green and the final touches to the newly built trails,
they will then move into these spaces.

Community Transmission The GC
Updated 16/11/23
These two trails have also received major wind damage from the October wind events.
You may see crews beginning to work in these spaces to get our highly popular race tracks back in operation.
As you ride the chair you can check out the cool work being done!


Please respect all trail closures. Trails could be closed for a number of reasons, some of these reasons could be:

  • Recent tree fall
  • Trail conditions to wet or dry and will cause extensive trail damage
  • Trail crew or contractors on trail and riders could put themselves or staff in serious danger

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