Trio of twins mark birthdays on zipline

14 Oct 2022
14 Oct 2022

Three sets of twins, six birthdays and four dual ziplines - all of these will combine for a unique celebration at the Christchurch Adventure Park (CAP) on Friday afternoon.

When identical twins, Paul and David Wareing, turned 75 at the end of September they decided to do something adventurous to mark the occasion.  

"75 is no age to be slowing down, so we thought we would find something a bit different, with a good adrenaline rush, to mark the milestone.  Tackling the longest and highest ziplines in New Zealand seemed like the perfect option," Paul said.

Finn and Ollie Breitmeyer - also identical twins - have just turned 11 and were gifted a zipline tour for them and their two best mates, Matt and Mitch Welch, guessed it, identical twins. 

"We love doing thrill-seeking activities and ziplining is on our bucket list, so we can't wait," Finn said.  "We've already done bungy-jumping and want to go sky-diving next too, but Mum and Dad said we have to wait a few more birthdays before we'll be allowed to do that," Ollie added.

When CAP realised they had three sets of identical twins keen to celebrate birthdays on the ziplines, they suggested they all join a tour together and get some natural twin rivalry going on by racing each other down the dual lines.  The tour will take them down four ziplines, all offering something different - including the highest in NZ, soaring at 150m up, and the longest in New Zealand at 1.1 kilometres - which should be enough to satisfy all six thrill-seekers and make for a memorable birthday celebration for all.

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