Pump Track

The Pump Track

Kids Pump Track Christchurch Adventure Park

Pump tracks are an ideal place for kids to gain confidence on their bikes.

The pump track is ideally suited for those under 8 years old.

Older riders may enjoy the track too, however,
if the kids are on it, please allow them the space they need.

These specially designed circuits consist of rollers and banked turns, allowing riders to maintain momentum by pumping their bikes.

Pump tracks offer a safe and controlled environment for children to practice their biking skills, free from traffic and external hazards.

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The repetitive nature of the track helps riders become familiar with the layout and anticipate features, building their skills over time.

Additionally, pump tracks provide an inclusive atmosphere where riders of all levels can learn from each other, fostering a sense of community and inspiring young riders.

The combination of a secure environment, repetitive practice, and exposure to diverse riders helps kids develop confidence, overcome challenges, and experience success.

Pump Track for Kids Christchurch Adventure Park
Did you know that it's FREE for kids under 10 years of age to ride the trails?

(Provided they are accompanied by an adult)

Adults may purchase a Chaperone Pass for $40 if they wish to take their kids up the hill.



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