Adult Skills Clinics

Adults Skills Nights

Adults Skills Nights are unisex lessons for adults and will be replacing 'Men's Nights'.

Get your riding crew together and come along

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Supported by Cassels Brewing Co
(Providing the end-of-session coldie)

Our Adults Skills Nights are a great opportunity to progress your skills in a small group setting with riders of similar abilities.
Come learn some new skills, try some new trails and meet some epic people.
Enjoy an end-of-session drink provided by Cassels Brewery.

 These clinics will give you high-quality lessons, and each rider will receive the personal attention needed to progress while also benefiting from the group dynamics.

Whether you’re new to mountain biking or ride regularly, these sessions are structured to progress every rider and help you make the most out of your time on the trails.

What level should I be?

Ideal for those who have little to no mountain biking experience, although want to progress their biking skills and ride off-road. We will help you master the fundamentals of mountain biking, break bad habits and learn how to tackle common obstacles on green trails. These sessions are designed to build a solid foundation of skill in order to have success and lead into our intermediate sessions

This is for riders who are becoming familiar with the fundamentals of mountain biking and are keen to transfer those skills to more technical terrain (Grade 3-4). A number of additional skills will be covered in this group too, e.g. cornering, brake control and line choice.

Full shredder alert!!
Our advanced group focuses on progressing on riding all the technical features at the Park and learning the skills to tackle some of our double black trails.

If you're still unsure after reading through the above descriptions, feel free to give us a call on 0508 247 478 for more details.

Remember this is all about improving your riding by progressing your skills, and techniques.
This often means focusing on the fundamentals in order to reach your higher goals.

If you have any questions email


Thursday Nights
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Each session will be limited to 36 spots

(12-Beginner  |  18-Intermediate  |  6-Advanced)

1.5 – 2 hr lessons

Show-up 15 minutes prior to booking

Jumps Adults Skills ClinicsJumps
7th March

Focused on learning how to start getting wheels off the ground on purpose.

Drops Adults Skills Clinics
15th February  |  14th March

Focused on learning how to confidently ride drops of all shapes and sizes.

Cornering Adults Skills ClinicsCornering
22nd February  |  21st March

Growing confidence and skill when tackling all types of corners.

Intro to the Park Nights
29th February  |  28th March

We will also be running intermediate and advanced riding groups on these nights.

Introduction to gravity mountain biking in a group of people all at the same ability level.

Workshop Nights
29th February  |  28th March

We will also be running intermediate and advanced riding groups on these nights.

Bring your own bike

Join us for an interactive and informative session dedicated to keeping your bike in top-notch condition!
Our Bring Your Own Bike Maintenance Workshop is tailored for cycling enthusiasts of all levels.
Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, this workshop is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to keep your bike rolling smoothly.

Get ready to learn hands on, about all the tools of the trade, and how to keep your bike running smoothly and safely.
The workshops will run on Tuesday nights, with each week touching on a new area.
Come and join us for an hour after your ride for some evening education and a beverage. 

What to Expect

Inner Tube Change
Tyre Change / education on tyre pressures.

Cockpit Setup
How to set up your cockpit, how wide should your bars be?
Setting up your brake levers and shifters.

Suspension Setup
A quick guide to suspension setup. Learning about sag, rebound and high/low speed compression.

Maintenance Checks
Chain wear/lubing, brake pad checks/rotor wear, spoke checks.

Free beverage on us at the end.  

What to Bring

Your own bike 

Notebook and Pen


Lesson Only
(Includes lift pass)

Lesson & Rental
(Includes lift pass)

Book Now

Spaces are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your cycling experience and ensure your bike is always ready for your next adventure.
We look forward to seeing you there!

To allow Adults Skills Nights to start promptly at the advertised time,
we recommend all guests arrive 15 minutes before your booking time to ensure you can find
suitable parking, check-in at the Rental Retail Desk and be on time for the health and safety briefing.

Guests who arrive late will unfortunately be unable to participate,
but we will rebook for a future session with a $10 rebooking fee to be applied.

To book, select the date /lesson you wish to attend via the checkout below.


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