Adult Progression Sessions

Progression Sessions

The Introduction to Black trails progression sessions have been put together for riders who are confident on blue trails and are ready to take the next step in their mountain biking journey. 

This a three-week coaching clinic
Held on Saturday mornings for two hours.
(3x sessions)

Suitable for both males and females.

First in first served
Each one of these sessions is limited to 8 attendees.

Intro to Black

Intro to Black 1 WEB

These sessions will focus on mastering the basics and learning new techniques that will give you the skills and confidence to conquer black terrain. They will be run using a variety of blue and black trails along with the skills area.

What you need to know

15th June |  22nd June  |  29th June
(Saturday mornings)

10:00am - 12:00pm


2 hrs

Lesson 1: Mastering Technical Skills

Objective: Improve your technical skills and control on challenging terrain.

Focus on body positioning: Learn how to distribute weight on the bike properly, adjust your centre of mass, and maintain balance.

Master braking techniques: Practice modulating front and rear brakes to control speed and stability while descending or navigating tight corners.

Develop cornering skills: Work on proper body lean plus hip rotation, line selection, and braking points for improved cornering efficiency.

Master corners: Practice navigating tight corner turns by using proper body positioning, braking techniques, and line selection.

Learn to carry speed through corners: Experiment with different approaches to cornering, including late braking, and maintaining momentum throughout the turn.


Lesson 2: Trail Riding Techniques and Line Selection

Objective: Improve your trail riding techniques and line selection for optimal flow and efficiency.

Focus on reading the trail: Develop the ability to anticipate changes in terrain, identify the smoothest lines, and adjust your riding technique accordingly.

Work on line selection for technical sections: Identify the smoothest and most efficient line choices for technical descents and obstacles such as rock gardens

Practice obstacle negotiation: Learn techniques for clearing rocks, roots, drops, and other common trail obstacles.

Practice flow and rhythm: Strive to maintain a smooth flow on the trail by linking sections together with minimal loss of momentum.


Lesson 3: Enhancing Drops and Pumping Skills

Objective: Improve your ability to hit drops and pump to gain speed and maintain the trail's momentum.

Learn basic drop techniques: Start with small drops and focus on proper take-off and landing positions and bike control in the air.

Develop pumping skills: Practice utilizing terrain features such as rollers, berms, and dips to generate speed and maintain momentum without pedalling.

Learn technical manoeuvres: Practice advanced techniques such as wheel lifts to overcome trail obstacles and improve bike control.

Progress to larger drops: Gradually work your way up to larger drops, focusing on bike body separation, maintaining stability, and landing smoothly.

Experiment with different drop styles: Explore different drop styles, such as lunge drops and jumping drops, to expand your skillset, and know when the appropriate place to use each technique

Incorporate drops and pump sections into your trail rides: Look for trails or sections specifically designed for drops and pumping to apply and refine your skills.

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(Includes all three sessions)

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