Movie Nights

Movie Nights

Looking for something to fill in those winter nights?

Check out what movies we have coming up this winter. 

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Climbing Film Tour 2023

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The Climbing Film Tour is back for it’s 4th season with an awesome selection of short films celebrating the global climbing community.

This year's tour is headlined by the exclusive world premiere of TRANSCENDENCE, a gripping film that narrates the inspiring journey of Adrien Costa, a former professional cyclist who turns to climbing after a life-altering accident. Alongside, world champion climber Liv Sansoz takes viewers on an unforgettable adventure in Jordan's Wadi-Rum desert in IF IT'S EASY, IT'S NOT FUN. At the same time, Australian Olympian Lucy Stirling tackles new challenges in the Australian Blue Mountains. The tour also includes rock climbing, bouldering, and slacklining from various corners of the world.

The Climbing Film Tour is a unique platform for climbers and filmmakers worldwide to share their stories with the community. Every year, a selection of amazing films is chosen by our Vertical Life climbing team for a global tour, with screenings in hundreds of gyms, cinemas, and diverse locations worldwide.

30th May


Women's Adventure Film Tour 2024

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The women's adventure film tour® (waft) returns for its eight year, celebrating extraordinary women and their thrilling adventures.

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled showcase of courage and triumph that will ignite your spirit. Don't miss this unforgettable adventure!

13th June


Reel Rock 18

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Four fantastic new films!

Featuring Josh Wharton, Vince Anderson, Angie Scarth-Johnson, Hazel Findlay, Sachi Amma, Danyil Boldyrev, Matt Groom, Ksenia Zakharova, plus Chris Sharma, Matty Hong, Steve House, Tommy Caldwell, and more...

4th July



Warren Miller's - All Time

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The Warren Miller tour returns with its 74th feature film, "ALL TIME".

Get ready to go deep into the stuff of which snowy dreams are made. Celebrate the birth of ski towns like Sun Valley and Aspen, icons and innovators like the original hotdoggers, and the most outlandish locations ever skied. Then, catch up with Maine’s finest athlete of today, Donny Pelletier, and meet the next generation at Woodward Park City. Through it all, Jonny Moseley and special guests will share their own stories to bring us to this moment.

8th August


Nothings for Free

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From fringe sport to global phenomenon, Nothing’s For Free chronicles the birth and legacy of freeride mountain biking.

The film charts a course through a three-decade journey with the pioneers, visionaries, and industry masterminds that pushed the sport to where it is today.

Outside Studios, in association with Freeride Entertainment and Pinkbike, breaks boundaries in documentary filmmaking with a front-row seat to the sport's defining moments. Nothing’s for Free features the biggest names in freeride, from the early pioneers to modern-day superstars like Danny Macaskill, Brandon Semenuk, and Brage Vestavik.

22nd August


One Ocean - Volume Four

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The One Ocean Film Tour is a series of ocean-loving short films focused on adventure, the aquatic environment and inspirational stories.

5th September