Movie Nights

Movie Nights

Looking for something to fill in those winter nights?

Check out what movies we have coming up this winter. 

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Women’s Adventure Film Tour

1 Womens Adventure Film Tour Movie Nights Landing Page Banner

Women’s Adventure Film Tour is a celebration of the inspiring women around us who are doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure. Every year, our selection of unique films is carefully chosen to show awesome women achieving their personally adventurous goals. Being adventurous doesn't always have to mean being the fastest, going the highest, or doing the most extreme things. Adventure for most of us is stepping outside our comfort zone and climbing our own personal Everest. The films showcase real stories about women from a variety of cultures and sports around the world.

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30th OF march 15th OF june

Vertical Life 3

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Vertical Life Film Tour (VLFT3) is in its third year and again brings the best of Australian vertical adventures to the globe while showcasing the best of the globe back home in Australia. From untold stories, unsung heroes and the faces we've come to know and love in climbing - the Vertical Life Film Tour has something for everyone. 

From its humble beginnings created by the team behind Vertical Life Magazine, the tour was conceived to bring inspiration to worldwide climbing communities while outdoor adventure was limited - growing into a globally successful film tour.

Films Featured in VL3

Everyday Climbers - Pablo
Seven 7 Seven
The Process
Route Setters
Gigantor - The Dog Face
Inner Mountain Flame

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13th OF april 29th OF june

European Outdoor Film Tour

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The European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.) is an annual hand-picked program of the best adventure and outdoor sport films.

Innovative and authentic storytelling is the core of E.O.F.T.. We seek to foster and represent the outdoors as an inclusive space curating a unique film collection featuring big vistas, bonafide outdoor action as well as immersive stories from the great outdoors.

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4th OF may 13th OF july

Warren Miller’s Daymaker

5 Warren Millers Daymaker Movie Nights Landing Page Banner

Come along as Warren Miller takes you on a journey to peaks so high, that they’ll replace the mountains in your mind with ones that free your mind. From British Columbia’s Monashee mountains to the throne of Greece’s Olympus mountains, Alaska and beyond. Join Karl Fostvedt, Michelle Parker, Katie Burrell, Hana Beaman, Jonny Moseley and more out on the hill and you can’t really have a bad day.  

We hit Snowmass for the biggest party of the winter, rewrite the rules of adaptive backcountry riding and surprise a Warren Miller superfan at Snowbasin. Get ready for the global kickoff to winter with Warren Miller’s Daymaker.

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1st of June 24th of August