Riding Safely at the Park

Park Orientations

Come along to one of our FREE Park Orientations.

These will run every day at 11am between the 18th of Decmeber 2023 - 19th of January 2024

If you’re a first-time visitor to the Adventure Park and would like a basic orientation, join one of our bike guides and discover the best trails to ride for your level and ability.

Key Pointers to Avoid Injury

70% of people who injure themselves do so on their first or second lap.

Below are some key points to take into consideration when riding at the Park.

Understand Park Signage


Wear the Correct Protective Gear

Below are three items or protection that we strongly recommend you wear when riding the trails.


Protectives v2

Warm Up

Ride Smart v3

Familiarise yourself with the Parks trails

If you're new to the Park or a developing rider looking for the next trail to ride, check out our  'Trail Previews' page
Here you will be able to watch videos of all the trails from top to bottom.

This is a great way to scope out a trail before you ride it.

Keep an eye out for features and obstacles so you can gather an idea of what to expect before tackling a new trail head-on.


Christchurch Adventure Park Trail Previews

preview trails

Focus on learning the basics

If you’re unsure about anything, please talk with one of our bike guides or attend one of our regular Skills Clinics.





Save Patrols Number to your phone

We recommend that you ride with a phone.

In case of EMERGENCY assistance, call our patrol team.

0508 727 572

Save this number into your phone

Patrol Number
Save the Number